54th 3AF International Conference AERO2019: “Aerodynamics at off-design conditions”

Du Lundi 25 Mars 2019 au Mercredi 27 Mars 2019
292 Rue Saint Martin
75003 PARIS

The 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics is organized each year by the French Aeronautics and Aerospace Society (3AF) in a different venue in France known for its activities in the field of aeronautics and/or space technology. The conference is an excellent opportunity for scientific exchanges within the aerospace community where aerodynamicists from industry, research institutions and academics meet. Scientists and engineers from other fields involving fluid mechanics are also welcome.

The 54th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics focuses on complex flow behavior at off-design conditions, which may or may not be planned. 
All these conditions are source of risks and imply complex phenomena which are challenging for CFD as well as experimental and theoretical studies. A deeper knowledge of such extreme conditions is thus crucial to avoid undesirable or catastrophic events, despite the complexity of the flow phenomena which presents serious challenges to the traditional experimental, theoretical and numerical analysis.

Conference Topics: Icing and wakes / CFD Methodology / Spinning bodies / Helicopters / Stall / Buffet / Wind turbines / Hypersonic flows / Low speed, high lift configuration / Supersonic flows / Shock wave-boundary layer interaction / Turbomachinery / Flow control on wing

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