Message from the President of the 3AF Youth Committee: Gérard Laruelle -Contact

Youth Committee registration: If you are a registered 3AF member, but not yet a member of the Comité Jeunes, you can request to join by contacting to be kept informed of activities and "services" aimed at young members. You can also register directly online by logging on to the 3AF member area.

To access the National Youth Committee and the pages of the various national youth branches:


Message from AJR Hauts-de-France: The main aim of the Antenne Jeunes Hauts-de-France is to develop a network of students and young professionals in the region. To do this, we seek to establish concrete links with campuses and companies, by exchanging, innovating and getting involved to find effective ways of working together. This approach has enabled us to create connections between several hotspots in the Pas-de-Calais and Picardy regions. We are constantly on the lookout for new partners to enrich our network and offer them the best possible support.

On the events front, we organize company visits and conferences to spread the word about the aerospace sector. From time to time, we can take charge of organizing a major local event.

Working closely with the association's other branches, we also aim to harmonize the efforts of the new generation of 3AF members. We exchange information with our counterparts on a regular basis, with a view to developing a national network.

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