Message from the President of the 3AF Youth Committee: Gérard Laruelle -Contact

Youth Committee registration: If you are a registered 3AF member, but not yet a member of the Comité Jeunes, you can request to join by contacting to be kept informed of activities and "services" aimed at young members. You can also register directly online by logging on to the 3AF member area.

To access the National Youth Committee and the pages of the various national youth branches:


Registration for a regional youth center: registration for a regional youth center requires prior registration with the regional group to which the youth center belongs . You canregister for a Regional Group on the 3AF website by clicking on the link: https: //, then on "En savoir plus", then "Inscription au Groupe" (orange rectangle on the right). Once you've registered, all you have to do is send an e-mail to the Group's president or administrator, requesting to join the regional youth antenna.