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The activities of the Association's Comité Jeunes are particularly varied, and can range from teaching in schools and universities, to organising organizing special visits, conferences organized directly in schools and universities, or special days.

A dedicated offer for young people

3AF is committed to defining a range of courses specifically designed for young people who have not yet entered the workforce and who may be interested in careers in aerospace.

Our partnerships with most of the major groups in the field, and the geographical distribution of regional groups across the country, which are 3AF's local players, enable us to respond as effectively as possible to the concerns of secondary school pupils and students.

3AF aims to :

  • inform and raise awareness of careers in aerospace among the younger generation;
  • help students to discover and choose the aerospace professions, by offering membership of the association on exceptional terms;
  • help young people enter the world of work;
  • help them find internships, apprenticeships, etc;
  • sponsor young people (by an active member of 3AF);
  • help students achieve excellence, notably by organizing award-winning thematic competitions.

3AF provides information on careers in aerospace for secondary school students:

  • 3AF members give talks in secondary schools to present the industry and its professions, notably by presenting an audio-visual production approved by ONISEP. All educational leaders who wish to do so can contact the association.

3AF provides answers for students:

  • more and more engineering schools are members of 3AF, and benefit from lectures given by association members on request;
  • 3AF helps students to envisage a career in aerospace by offering them membership on exceptional terms;
  • 3AF provides an insight into the aerospace world and helps them discover the diversity of careers in the sector, offering members concrete answers to help them prepare for their professional lives:

3AF enables you to :

  • take part in the activities of the regional 3AF group concerned (conferences, visits to laboratories or industrial establishments, etc.);
  • join technical committees to gain a better understanding of a particular specialty (materials, propulsion, aerodynamics, optronics, etc... 20 commissions are available);
  • be advised and mentored by an active 3AF member;
  • raise your profile and pursue excellence through the organization of award-winning thematic competitions, offered to educational establishments in conjunction with various partners.

3AF is a source of enrichment throughout the professional life of aeronautical and space engineers.


The space professions website (link: is aimed specifically at secondary school students. It offers concrete information on :

  • careers in the space industry (from vocational school-leavers to engineers), with job descriptions and testimonials;
  • the different types of satellite and their practical applications;
  • links to training courses and the various players in the space sector.

The Femmes et Sciences association website (link: https: // to promote and develop scientific and technical careers among girls and young women, to promote and develop women in scientific and technical careers, and to prepare 3rd year internships for secondary school students (see the "Documents" section).



The Youth Committee is national in scope, with each Regional Group proposing a Regional Youth Office which operates in line with the orientations of the National Committee.The 3AF Youth Committee's flagship actions (creation of events, competitions, etc.) are presented in a document accessible via the following link: https: //


Soft skills self-assessment help sheet: add value to your behavioral skills on your CV and in interviews!

You can also consult the videoconference organized by IESF-IdF with the support of SEIN on the theme: "7 Étapes Clefs pour développer votre employabilité et votre performance grâce aux Soft Skills" by clicking HERE.


The Comité Jeunes has put together an "employment assistance booklet" with advice and all the essential links to help you find a job.

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List of youth center referrers: you can contact the address below to find out who is the youth center referrer for your region.

Registration with the Comité Jeunes: all applications tojoin the Comité Jeunes 3AF are subject to payment of the annual fee to 3AF via the link Once your membership fee has been paid, you can register for the Comité Jeunes by clicking on "Learn more" at the top of this page, then on "Group registration" (orange rectangle on the right). This registration will keep you informed of activities and "services" aimed at young members.

Registering for a regional youth antenna: to register for a regional youth antenna, you must first register with the regional group to which the youth antenna belongs. To register for a Regional Group, go to the 3AF website at and click on "En savoir plus" then "Inscription au Groupe" (orange rectangle on the right). Once you've registered, all you have to do is send an e-mail to the Group's president or administrator, requesting that your name be added to the regional youth antenna.

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