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Our ambition:

  • Ensure 3AF's influence in the region covered by the Groupe Régional Côte d'Azur (departments 06 and 83);
  • Relay 3AF's activities, particularly to companies and institutions, aerospace sector workers and students;
  • Organize regional events, either directly or in partnership with other organizations.

Our areas of action:

  • Represent 3AF and lead the network of members locally;
  • Promote 3AF regionally in institutions, companies, research centers, schools and universities;
  • Facilitating and promoting the work of "Ingénieurs Pour l'Ecole" (Engineers for Schools), who work in secondary schools, with the support of local education authorities;
  • Recruit new members;
  • Promote aerospace careers to students;
  • Develop cooperation with regional bodies and organizations.

How we work :

  • The life of our Regional Group, of which members are informed by e-mail;
  • Congresses and study days, aimed at a wider audience, to review the state of the art and provide an overview of a given theme;
  • Regularregional events (conferences, plant tours, etc.).

Our targets:

  • Engineers, managers and technicians from manufacturers, equipment suppliers and subcontractors in the aerospace sector;
  • Companies in the same sector;
  • Schools and universities and their students interested in the aerospace industry and the various professions it offers, both technical and non-technical;
  • Aerospace enthusiasts.

Our organization:

The regional group is organized around a president and a board of directors, who meet regularly to define orientations and actions to be undertaken.

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Chairman: Jean-Jacques DECHEZELLES

Vice-Chairman: Jean-Louis HEUDIER

Secretary: Guy LEBEGUE

Treasurer: François PAOLI

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