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Secretary: Blanche DEMARET

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The technical commission is dedicated to vertical take-off and landing rotary wing aircraft (VTOL), including helicopters, their derivatives and aircraft designed for UAM (e.g. e-VTOL). UAM or AAM (Urban Air Mobility or Advanced Air Mobility)

Areas of activity :

  • The commission's main areas of interest are subjects that promote their use, e.g. extending their flight envelope, new operational missions, and the study and integration of new technologies.

    • the integration of rotary-wing aircraft into the air transport system;
    • The evolution of regulations and the expansion of operational possibilities, both civil and military, including increased all-weather capabilities;
    • societal and environmental aspects (emissions, noise, etc.);
    • safety and reliability of the helicopter and its subsystems;
    • performance enhancement and new rotary wing formulas;
    • lower development, acquisition and maintenance costs;
    • comfort in terms of vibrations and internal noise;
    • for military aircraft, vulnerability, survivability and detectability.

The HC/VTOL TC is made up of national helicopter experts from :

  • Manufacturers and equipment suppliers (SAFRAN Electronique & défense (SDE) and Helicopters Engine (SHE), AIRBUS Helicopters (AH));
  • Research centers (ONERA);
  • Government departments (DGA, DGAC);
  • SMEs (INEA-AERO, specialized in personnel training).
  • Other players in helicopter operations

Activities :

The committee helps organize conferences and symposia such as the ERF (European Rotorcraft Forum), which will be held in Marseille in 2024.

The commission helps promote VTOLs to schools and universities.

The HC/VTOL commission cooperates nationally with the AAE (Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace) and internationally with the VFS (Vertical Flight Society) USA and the DGLR (German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics) in Germany through shared working groups.

The HC/VTOL commission meets on average 4 times a year.

The current roadmap covers the following topics:

  • Helicopter noise
  • Optimized maintenance
  • Icing: compliance means and certification tools
  • Societal acceptability - manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Carbon footprint: which indicators?

Join us! Contact us by e-mail at helicopteres@3af.fr

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