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Tribute to Francis Hirsinger

14 June 2024 Articles
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My dear Francis, you have just left us.

How sad for your family and loved ones, of course, but also for your many friends.

We met over 60 years ago at Sup. Aero - our options were different - you, one of the best in the class, me pursuing a different specialization from yours, as part of the Ingénieurs de l'Air. But it wasn't long before our many encounters were marked by a deep and lasting friendship.

Together, and with other comrades all very attached to the School, we were confronted with the many, too many, exchanges linked to our School's transfer project.

In short, the "joyful" and enthusiastic preoccupations of our youth.

Then, a few years later, we met up again at ONERA, where you were the leading specialist in "Energetics" and I was the "boss", eager to know a little more about the subject - no false pretenses!

At this point, I'd like to tell you how much I've appreciated your exceptional qualities.

You were never, ever, "careerist"! Your concern has always been to progress in the science and technology of energy for Aeronautics and Space, and to help young people flourish in their activities, always kindly devoting the necessary time to them. (I can myself attest to the considerable time you devoted to me, trying to make a younger mind understand the knowledge of your specialties).

Always a good listener, very focused on the lessons to be learned from this listening, and absolutely reliable in respecting your commitments, very precious to the hierarchy (which sometimes had a tendency to abuse it), you always showed a real passion for things Aeronautical and Space and so, when the age of retirement came, when the time came to give way to the younger ones, you continued, through voluntary work and the 3AF Learned Society, to share your enthusiasm.

Thank you, Francis.

To conclude these few words, I would say dear Francis that all those who met you had the pleasure of meeting someone exceptional; a personality of rare humility, very convivial, very attentive to others with great generosity, always respectful of commitments made, but available, always driven by respect for others, and this with great simplicity, driven by collective success, an Example appreciated by all those who had the pleasure of meeting you.

Francis, I have had this great pleasure.

Today, with great emotion, I thank you for all that I have received from you.

Michel Scheller

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