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Tribute to Jean-François Georges

16 May 2024 Articles
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3AF, Louis Le Portz (based on text by P Gandil)

I met Jean-François when we were both at DASSAULT in 1964, when I was a trainee and he was in flight testing.

Deeply human and warm-hearted, generous, full of humor, a seasoned engineer and mathematician, airplane and helicopter pilot (including in the mountains), saxophonist and orchestra conductor, mountaineer, traveler and refined epicurean, Jean François had it all.

He put all these qualities at the service of the Aéroclub de France, where he became a member in 1999, 25 years ago, and which he chaired for two terms from 2005 to 2012, when I had the great honor of succeeding him.

In 2013, he crossed the Mediterranean with Jérémy Caussade for the anniversary of the Roland Garros exploit. He had prepared it under his presidency and we carried it out together.

He also devoted himself to the 3AF .... Notably as Chairman of the Business Aviation Commission.

He was also actively involved in other associations to which we are also close: the Ailes de la Ville social integration association, the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace and Tomato. Rêves de Gosse, which made a stopover in the Île de France region on Tuesday, gave its name to the Toussus-le-Noble stage.

Honorary President of the Aéroclub de France, Jean-François, Gérard Feldzer, Patrick Gandil, Catherine Maunoury and I have put together a close-knit team of friends to run this venerable institution. On the Board of Directors, Jean François was a large part of our memory and conscience.

In particular, with Jean-François we recreated the Innovation Award, reviving the tradition that led to the creation of the Aero Club in 1898.

In recent years, Jean-François has written several books, on aeronautics including "Ingénieur et fier de l'être" and, of course, on music "Blues dans les nuages : Aviateur Musicien Montagnard" and finally an essay: "Et si tout le reste n'était que du bruit?".

His professional skills, multiple gifts and luminous personality were unanimously appreciated. A passionate and endearing man. His death leaves a great void in the French aeronautical community.

Jean-François, my friend, you will be sorely missed.

We have just learned that the funeral of Mr. Jean-François GEORGES will take place on Friday May 17 at 10:30 am in the Ville d'Avray church. Interment will take place on Tuesday May 21 in Morzine.

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