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Ile-de-France accounts for almost 30% of the individual and collective membership of the Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF). Like all regional groups, Ile-de-France contributes to the updating of aeronautical and space knowledge, and offers a forum for reflection and exchange via various events and access to numerous networks. Like associations within associations, the groups are organized and run by a board of several members, including a president, treasurer, secretary and one or more project managers.


Today, the 13-member Ile-de-France group executive committee meets every month to discuss the latest developments and prepare a report. Tasks are divided up, versatility is sought through the writing of protocols, and information is shared via a storage and collaborative working service. Documents are drawn up and actions managed using office automation, DTP and image processing software for digital, participative communication. Since 2017, the use of various hosted software applications (messaging, questionnaire), followed in 2021 by the availability of the new 3AF website, have successively enabled us to improve communication with our members (e-mail, questionnaire, etc.).lior communication to members (Conferences, Visits, Matinales, Various information...) and the group's presence is asserting itself on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Six to seven aeronautical or space conferences are proposed each year, and a summary of each is sent to members via a Gazette.12 to 24-page Gazette; 110 conferences* have been organized since the group was set up in 2007, 43 of them space-related. All these summaries are compiled in a biannual publication distributed to members. Lastly, two technical visits are generally offered each year, and several talks are given at various schools and universities. *Numberas of January 1, 2022.


  • Monthly meetings;
  • Organization of conferences ;
  • Organization of debates with experts (Les Matinales du Groupe IdF) ;
  • Organization of study days (Light Aviation);
  • Organization of technical visits;
  • Collaboration with various technical commissions (Aerodynamics, Light Aviation and Related Machines, Propulsion, Medicine, etc.);
  • Participation of members in teaching programs;
  • Writing and distribution of conference proceedings;
  • Writing and distribution of scientific and/or technical articles via La Lettre 3AF;
  • Participation of members in the preparation of 3AF scientific and/or technical publications.


The Ile-de-France 3AF Regional Group is keen to pursue its existing initiatives, but also to develop its relations with young people (IESF, etc.), strengthen its network with schools, universities, companies and associations, and become better known to the aerospace community in the Ile-de-France region.


In the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis, the 3AF Ile-de-France group's conferences are now offered by videophone via the ZOOM teleconferencing service , or in person when health conditions or the proximity of the speaker allow.


All applications for membership of the Ile-de-France regional group are subject to payment of the annual 3AF membership fee. Applications will not be accepted unless the membership fee has been paid in full. Membership applications can be sent to


Chairman : Patrick GILLIÉRON

Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Youth Committee: Gérard LARUELLE

Secretary and Treasurer: Cyrille CHAISY

Directors: Patrick GILLIÉRON, Cyrille CHAISY and Nicolas BÉREND

Antenne Jeunes Ile-de-France : Gérard LARUELLE

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