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Jean Délery at the AERO 2022 Symposium at Pinot Farm in Occitanie, France
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10 December 2022

Deaths - Jean Délery has passed away

Jean Délery has left us, with his characteristic discretion.

I met Jean when I arrived at ONERA, and like other colleagues, he kindly put his talent into helping me understand the "essentials" of his research activity.

Jean attended the Grande Ecole "Sup Aéro", class of 62, graduating with a Major.

He soon joined ONERA, where he spent his entire career. Aerodynamics was a passion for Jean, and at the Office he found an environment, particularly human, but not only, that greatly contributed to his development.

Jean was soon recognized, both nationally and internationally, as a leading aerodynamics expert who should be consulted whenever questions arose.

At ONERA, Jean very quickly assumed responsibility for the Aerodynamics and Experimental Aerodynamics sector. It was in this capacity that I met him.

It's hard to talk about Jean without mentioning his great qualities, the ones we'd like to see more widely shared.

Jean, a world-renowned expert, had the simplicity, modesty, kindness and humility of the Great Ones.

Jean was a loyal man, with a single ambition: to serve his country, in particular by devoting much of his time to young people. His pedagogy was appreciated by all.

Jean not only advanced knowledge, but also, and above all, the approaches needed to optimize its use.

In this respect, he led a team of researchers who together wrote a book based on

Together, they wrote a book based on "collective intelligence", l'Aérodynamique Expérimentale, which endeavored to show how Experimental Aerodynamics and Simulations are complementary disciplines.

Jean had done me the great honor of asking me to preface this book, which has been translated into several languages.

After his retirement, Jean continued to work (voluntarily but with passion) for the Société Savante 3AF. He chaired the Aerodynamics Technical Commission and, as a regular organizer of an increasingly recognized and attractive symposium, he often told me that he would have liked to organize one in Canada. Not very easy - but how well this wish matched his personality.

Jean exuded the warmth and friendliness of those for whom it comes naturally - when you met him, you met a "Savant" whose only ambition was to serve.

Jean, we shall miss you.

Michel Scheller

Honorary President of 3AF

3AF photo: Jean Délery at the AERO 2022 symposium at Pinot Farm in Occitanie, France.

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