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08 November 2021
Jean Pierson

Deaths - One of the fathers of the A380

A great Airbus executive, Jean Pierson, has died aged 81. Sup-Aéro engineer, class of 1963, he led Airbus from 1985 to 1998, enabling the challenger to Boeing to become the undisputed world leader. He was renowned for his humor, perseverance, skill and nerve.

Jean Pierson was responsible for the impressive success of the A320, which Roger Béteille had launched with Bernard Ziegler. He was also responsible for expanding the modern family to include the A330 and A340, and the A320 derivatives: the A319, A321 and A318.

The ceremony will take place tomorrow at 2.30pm at the Monastère de Cimiez in Nice, before the funeral in Corsica.

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