SIGMA2 Work progress summary 2021 SIGMA2 Work progress summary 2021
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SIGMA2 Work progress summary 2021

30 mai 2021 Articles
Publié par Nadia TRONCHE
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The summary report of the SIGMA2 2021 progress report retraces the work carried out since 2016 both in monitoring foreign work (British and Russian work as well) and US news, as well as in the exploration of recent or past cases, from the point of view of physics and observation. The progress report will be released soon and will reflect progress in the study of some observations made in different places and at different times, as well as in the in-depth analysis of recent cases. Our analyzes of recent cases, accompanied by data, do not reveal extraordinary events, but use analytical techniques that will be useful later.

The studies of past cases reveal certain remarkable invariants which seem to emerge from the comparisons between physical observables.

The summary report is an invitation to read the future progress report to be released which will be made available to 3AF members initially. We would like to thank the members of the SIGMA2 commission as well as the organizations that provided them with assistance.



SIGMA2 Work progress summary 2021
PDF - 700 Ko - update v3 September 2021

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